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Matthew Drummond

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Matthew Drummond
Independent Financial Adviser

Matthew spent 11 years working for a Global High Street Bank as a Senior Premier Manager.

Matthew believes in building and maintaining long term financial planning relationships with his clients, giving them the time they need and deserve. The key to building long term relationships is based on trust, regular financial reviews and the ability to explain things in a clear and concise way.

To speak to Matthew and discuss your financial needs in more detail please contact him on 07787 433077 or by email

‘I feel my adviser is almost a personal friend and that we have a high degree of confidence in his professionalism’

‘Matthew Drummond came to me highly recommended and has never failed to live up to my expectations. He understands the issues I have with money and keeps the necessary ‘rein’ on me. He has helped me profusely since inheriting a large amount of money from my father. Matthew understands and advises me and is always available which I really appreciate. I particularly like his honesty and ability to use my money to work for me. Thank you Matthew I have already recommended him to a friend.’

‘We are very happy with the service we receive from Matthew. It is a pleasure doing business with him.’

‘Matthew is always very helpful and always responds very quickly to any questions. ‘